iScream Ice Cream Rolls

Established in late 2018, iScream Ice Cream Rolls is located on the top floor of the  Underground Atlanta. iScream Ice Cream Rolls will provide fully customized, single servings, of made to order ice cream.  iScream Ice Cream Rolls start as a liquid base of milk and cream. It is poured on a machine specifically designed to freeze ice cream then mixed and topped with various ingredients from cookies to fruit.  As the ice cream freezes it is scooped in “rolls” that are beautifully presented to the customer.

Beyond ice cream, IScream Ice Cream Rolls is a popular hangout blending the fun experience of an old time ice cream parlor with modern edge,  We host weekly events such as Bingo Queen, For the Culture Trivia and romantic date nights.  Stop by and hang out on our swing or take a selfie with your treat in front of our cool neon sign!

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Image of iScream Ice Cream Rolls